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Combat COVID-19 impact through APAs

Can APAs be applied as a mechanism to address tax uncertainties in times of COVID-19? Of course, yes! The past couple of years have sufficiently demonstrated that it makes every sense to tackle the uncertain COVID times with a programme as sedate as the APAs. The value of achieving advanced certainty and effective dispute prevention through APAs remains compelling. For more, kindly read Chapter No. 37 (Volume I) titled “Combat COVID-19 impact through APAs” authored by me for Transfer Pricing – A Compendium 2022, compiled by the Chamber of Tax Consultants and published by Taxmann.

Simultaneously, in order to have a flavour of APA regime across the globe, kindly read my comprehensive book on APAs titled “Evolution of APA Regime”, published by Wolters Kluwer in July 2021, which happens to be the first publication worldwide exclusively dedicated to the APA programme.

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