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-     GloBE Rules Made Easy (ISBN 978-94-035-1156-6) is a remarkably pragmatic, self-contained book for an all-around understanding of the background and attributes of the OECD’s GloBE Rules.

-     MLI Made Easy (ISBN 978-94-035-3260-8) facilitates complete grasp of a complex modification process of tax treaties.

-     Evolution of APA Regime (ISBN 978-94-035-3551-7) is the first book worldwide that is exclusively dedicated to the global APA regime.
These books explain the background concepts, legal structure, implementation mechanism with appropriate illustrations, diagrams, and flowcharts to make the information easier to understand and apply.
These publications can be of immeasurable usefulness to tax practitioners, taxation authorities and all interested academics worldwide.
I have shared my 30 years of tax experience through these publications in a simple and practical manner which makes the entire reading experience amiable as well as a rich source of learning.

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